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Saturday April 27th (6-9 pm) Des Moines Field House

The science of carbo loading for optimal athletic performance is real (read this). 


Adults: $15    

(12 and under)? Youth:   $5    

Includes Italian dinner, glass of wine and access to the SNAKE PIT (reptile petting zoo).


Students who brave a visit to the SNAKE PIT (details below) will receive a one of a kind "Snake Brand" wristband.

All proceeds from the dinner donated to the Des Moines Parks & Recreation Youth Scholarships.

The homemade pasta dinner meal is being prepared by a wonderful volunteer group of Italian mothers from our community who care about what goes on your plate.  Expect a serious dish of pasta and a complimentary glass of wine.



Stay tuned to find out what the live entertainment shall be...


The Snake Pit (free with dinner)

While you enjoy a leisurely meal with your friends, send the kids downstairs to the reptile petting zoo sponsored by the friendly folks at "A Place for Pets" in Burien.

We want them to meet real snakes and come to love them as much as we do.

You might want to go snap a photo but don't be surprised if you end up with a burmese python around your neck.

Free with dinner.


An uncomplicated meal and relaxing evening...before you battle the SNAKE!


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